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Exploring the Value of Integrity

Love, well-being and change all happen at the center of relationship and trust.  Living a life of integrity allows us to build mutual trust and relationship with others in our lives and workplaces.  We are ethical, transparent, honest, and accountable.  We trust in our purpose and in others. We remain humble through open, honest communication and courageous conversations.  These are all reasons why more integrity is needed in our world and is so important.

We always have to make decisions that define who we are and what we believe in.  Though we often don’t take time to think about how our choices and decisions are made, there is always an impact.  The simple awareness of our impact, even the smallest of impacts, can shape how we choose to live.  When we are working to be more conscious of our actions and words, and we own our behaviors, and course correct when we need to; this requires humility, centering others, and authenticity.  In that way, we are moving toward living a life of integrity.

Being able to show up in all our spaces as our true, authentic selves allows us to be recognized no matter what environment we are in.  Integrity is the foundation and structure of how all our other values guide us; it allows us to be whole and thrive.  How refreshing to live this way when integrity is our lantern that lights our journey!

Artwork by Anelise Elmquist

Laura Elmquist is the Culture, Equity & Belonging Champion at Aprendamos Family of Services, a company that is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of babies, children, and families. Laura feels that if you invest in creating a space where people (especially our children) are heard, seen, considered, and valued, then you create a better sense of belonging, everyone ultimately benefits. This is the passion and love behind why Laura loves this work and feels connected to it.

When Laura is not researching the latest trends on company culture and supporting her organization, she enjoys being a wife, a mom to Anelise and Cooper (four-legged child), volunteering with youth & community organizations reading, and being out in nature (mostly looking at rocks). Laura is a member of the Ysleta Tigua Indian tribe and was raised in Tortugas, New Mexico.

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